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The Complete Adam & Joe Radio Show Reference List

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Adam & Joe on XFM Radio – The Almost Complete List

You can download the A&J and A&E 6Music podcasts via this BBC webpage

Check out Mr. Philby’s planetscraper website as he has uploaded edited versions of the 6Music and XFM shows to his webspace.

You can also find some of these shows in Retinend’s Humyo folder (dead link?)

Update: April 2014
A lot of these shows have been uploaded to, so check out this forum thread for an overview or do a search for Adam and Joe [2] or Adam Buxton [2]

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Adam and Joe on BBC 6Music

Shaun Keaveny Takeover Shows – BBC 6Music (Aug 2007)

“This was the first time Adam and Joe breached the Big British Castle ramparts as a team and it was a baptism of fire. By standing in for Shaun W Keaveny, they were effectively finishing work before their alarms would normally go off… and they did it for two weeks in a row with only the weekend off. They even had to work on the bank holiday. How awful!”

ianpwilliams has uploaded these shows (with music removed) to

August 2007
2007-08-20(31.1MB, 1:08:01) – s05e01
2007-08-21(33.1MB, 1:12:23) – s05e02
2007-08-22(31.0MB, 1:07:47) – s05e03
2007-08-23(32.8MB, 1:11:41) – Adam and Joe BBC6M 23.08.07
2007-08-24(33.3MB, 1:12:40) – s05e05
2007-08-27(35.7MB, 1:17:59) – s05e06
2007-08-28(33.0MB, 1:11:57) – s05e07
2007-08-29(65.1MB, 1:11:05) – Adam and Joe BBC6M 29.08.07
2007-08-30(30.2MB, 1:06:02) – s05e08
2007-08-31(68.1MB, 1:14:26) – Adam and Joe BBC6M 31.08.07

The Adam And Joe Show – BBC 6Music (Oct 2007 – Dec 2009)

Below is a list of Adam and Joe’s full run of 6Music music shows, starting in October 2007 and running through to the Glastonbury shows on 27th & 28th June 2009. Following this the boys had an 8 week break over the summer of 2009, before the shows resumed on 29th August 2009 through til December 2009.

The boys began producing podcasts for the shows from 19th Jan 2008 onwards – these appear in [square brackets]

These shows were all up on Rapidshare but all links are now broken. Over on the Reference List forum thread namesinspace is uploading the shows one by one to – so please bookmark and check back :)

October 2007
Date: 27th Oct 2007 | Duration: 1:32:11 | page | File size: 42.2MB

November 2007
Sat 3rd Nov page | File size: 41.8MB | Duration: 1:31:23

Sat 10th Nov page | File size: 36.3MB | Duration: 1:19:13

Sat 17th Nov page | File size: 81.7mb | Duration: 1:29:13

Sat 24th Nov page | File size: 81.0mb | Duration: 1:28:27

This page is still being built and the embeds/links being added. In the mean time head over to the forum thread for links to the shows listed below

December 2007
2007.12.01 (43.7mb)
2007.12.08 (41.3mb)
2007.12.15 (45mb)
2007.12.22 (40.3mb)
2007.12.29 (35mb)
2007.12.31 MediaFire (55.6mb)

January 2008
2008.01.05 (43.7mb)
2008.01.12 (43.3mb)
2008.01.19 (42mb) [The Beginning]
2008.01.26 (41mb) [Identity Crisis]

February 2008
2008.02.02 (42.6mb) [Lost]
2008.02.09 (40.4mb) [Games]
2008.02.16 No show this week [Pause (Placeholder)]
2008.02.23 (40.4mb) [Twists]

March 2008
2008.03.01 (42.1mb) [Cars And (Foreign) Girls]
2008.03.08 (41.3mb) [Lost In Pastry]
2008.03.15 (42.8mb) [Milkshake!]
2008.03.22 (45.5mb) [Plodcast]
2008.03.29 (44.2mb) [So Cliche]

April 2008
2008.04.05 (44.4mb) [Minor Surgeries, Major Awards]
2008.04.12 (39mb) [Challenges]
2008.04.19 (42.5mb) [The Wall]
2008.04.26 (42.7mb) [Stereo Lies]

May 2008
2008.05.03 (41.5mb) [Family Friendly Erotica]
2008.05.10 (44.3mb) [Dr Sexy’s Summer Soldier]
2008.05.17 (43.9mb) [STEPHEN!]
2008.05.24 No show this week [Give Us A Break]
2008.05.31 No show this week [Squabbling Over Tom]

June 2008
2008.06.07 (44.9mb) [Grotesquely Extended]
2008.06.14 No show this week [Otherwise Engaged]
2008.06.21 (39.7mb) [Shingles]
2008.06.28 (39.7mb) [A Whole Lotta Shaky Going On]

July 2008
2008.07.05 (41.8mb) [The Return Of Dr Sexy]
2008.07.12 No show this week [Boys Interrupted]
2008.07.19 No show this week
2008.07.26 No show this week [What? Still?]

August 2008
2008.08.02 (46.6mb) [And All I Got Was This Lousy Podcast]
2008.08.09 (40.3mb) [Summer Sundae Festival]
2008.08.16 (44.5mb) [And the winner is]
2008.08.23 (40.8mb) [Mamma Mia!]
2008.08.30 (46.6mb) [Other Titles Are Available…]

September 2008
2008.09.06 (41.1mb) [The Saltman Cometh…]
2008.09.13 (44.8mb) [Lock Stock and Two Smoking DJs]
2008.09.20 (44.8mb) [World of Pockets]
2008.09.27 (45.7mb) [Pirates ahoy!]

October 2008
2008.10.04 (46.1mb) [From Norwich, it’s the Podcast of the Week]
2008.10.11 (38.7mb) [Dedicated Followers of Fashion]
2008.10.18 (45.2mb) [For Your Ears Only – Sir Roger Moore]
2008.10.25 (44.5mb) [Hello Rat Fans]

November 2008
2008.11.01 (45.5mb) Hotty Botty]
2008.11.08 (42.1mb) [Only Toddlers on Horses]
2008.11.15 (39.1mb) [Pop a Crack in Your Ass]
2008.11.22 (42.1mb) [Big Jaffa]
2008.11.29 (45.4mb) [Buckets Of Scorn]

December 2008
2008.12.06 (44mb) [National Treasures]
2008.12.13 (mb) [Very Charming Silly & Sweet]
2008.12.20 (60mb) [Take That and Party]
2008.12.27 (60mb) [Inter-festive Podcast]

January 2009
2009.01.03 (65mb) [Joe gives out acting tips]
2009.01.10 (65mb) [Stephen!]
2009.01.17 (65mb) [A&J R Totally Street]
2009.01.24 (65mb) [Pull Your Finger Out]
2009.01.31 No show this week [Back this weekend]

February 2009
2009.02.07 (65mb) [Pathetic domestic arguments]
2009.02.14 MediaFire (52.2mb) [Valentine Podmax]
2009.02.21 MediaFire (53.63mb) [Retro Text The Nation]
2009.02.28 MediaFire (85.35mb) [The Fleet Foxes are on to them]

March 2009
2009.03.07 MediaFire, zShare (91.61mb) [80s Song Wars]
2009.03.14 MediaFire (82.4mb) [A Kneeling Ox]
2009.03.21 MediaFire (81.66mb) [With shiny new jingles]
2009.03.28 MediaFire (86.91mb) [Nectar Party]

April 2009
2009.04.04 MediaFire (85.95mb) [Auditions & Interviews]
2009.04.11 MediaFire (67.36mb) [Delicious Waffle]
2009.04.18 MediaFire (77.6mb) [Autotainment]
2009.04.25 MediaFire (75.24mb) [Live from the Camden Crawl]

May 2009
2009.05.02 MediaFire (80.91mb) [Mr Wolf Pants]
2009.05.09 MediaFire (79.4mb) [You Give Cats a Bad Name]
2009.05.16 MediaFire (82.4mb) [Spock-Notch Entertainment]
2009.05.23 MediaFire (79.05mb) [Bobbing Next to Your Bits]
2009.05.30 MediaFire (~85mb) [Boat Blancmange Cricket Pitch Tree]

June 2009
2009.06.06 MediaFire (~85mb) [Premature Asneezilation and RTTN Extra]
2009.06.13 MediaFire (~85mb) [Blah Boobidy Baya]
2009.06.20 MediaFire (~85mb) [Congratulations, when’s it due]
2009.06.27 MediaFire (~85mb) [Glastonbury 1]
2009.06.28 Glastonbury 2 [Glastonbury 2]

July 2009
2009.07.04 No show this week [Back Next Week and Song Wars Classics Taster]
2009.07.11 No show this week [Song Wars Classics 1]
2009.07.18 No show this week [Song Wars Classics 2]
2009.07.25 No show this week [Song Wars Classics 3]

August 2009
2009.08.01 No show this week [Song Wars Classics 4]
2009.08.08 No show this week [Song Wars Classics 5]
2009.08.15 No show this week [Song Wars Classics 6]
2009.08.22 No show this week [Song Wars Classics 7]
2009.08.29 MediaFire (80mb) [Boggins & Thom Yorke]

September 2009
2009.09.05 MediaFire (84mb) [Mr Tickle]
2009.09.12 MediaFire (79mb) [Banging on the Bumgos]
2009.09.19 MediaFire (81mb) [Put them in the Leaky Boat]
2009.09.26 MediaFire (86mb) [Fist ‘n Chips]

October 2009
2009.10.03 MediaFire (85mb) [Little Shop of Horrors]
2009.10.10 MediaFire (82mb) [Johnny Flip Flop & Tommy U Turn]
2009.10.17 MediaFire (89mb) [King of the Ignoramus]
2009.10.24 MediaFire (79mb) [Baldwin and the Whiffles]
2009.10.31 MediaFire (89mb) [The End of Boggins?]

November 2009
2009.11.07 Collins & Herring [Bowie’s Podcast Song]
2009.11.14 MediaFire (86mb) [Dr Snippington]
2009.11.21 MediaFire (81mb) [A Lorra Lorra Laughs]
2009.11.28 MediaFire (80mb) [Ol’ Man Noises]

December 2009
2009.12.05 MediaFire (80mb) [Pushing Through the Noon Barrier]
2009.12.12 MediaFire (78mb) [Julie Spritz]
2009.12.19 MediaFire (85mb) [1st Podcast of Christmas]
2009.12.26 None [7th Podcast of Christmas]


December 2010
2010.12.31 Not Yet Uploaded [Christmas Day 2010]


April 2011
2011.04.02 Not Yet Uploaded [Denny Different]
2011.04.09 Not Yet Uploaded [Dealing with hot weather problems]
2011.04.16 Not Yet Uploaded [Stumpy Jimmy]
2011.04.23 Not Yet Uploaded [These Boots Were Made for Weeing]
2011.04.30 Not Yet Uploaded [Nits, Knots & Stinks]

May 2011
2011.05.07 Not Yet Uploaded [Attack the Buck]
2011.05.09 Not Applicable [Text the Nation mini-special!]
2011.05.14 Not Yet Uploaded [The One Handed Chef]
2011.05.21 Not Yet Uploaded [The Bin That Never Gets Full]
2011.05.28 Not Yet Uploaded [Cheesecake Bobby]

June 2011
2011.06.04 Not Yet Uploaded [Rock Tortoise]
2011.06.11 Not Applicable [Go On Byker Grove!]
2011.06.18 Not Yet Uploaded [Looks Like A Bombsy-tit]
2011.06.24 Not Yet Uploaded [Glastonbury 1]
2011.06.25 Not Yet Uploaded [Glastonbury 2]
2011.06.26 Not Yet Uploaded [Glastonbury 3]

The Adam And Edith Show – BBC 6Music (Nov/Dec 2012)


Uploads on by ianpwilliams:

2012-12-22 (includes fill-in for Liz Kershaw)
2012-12-22 (Adam Buxton in for Liz Kershaw)


Please note – no files are actually hosted here on the site. If you would like any links removing (or if the links are dead) please leave a comment on the forum.

These mp3s have been uploaded by fans on the Adam and Joe Livejournal community, Pilkipedia and Rubapedia (aka Ultraculture). Thanks a million to the folk (Retinend, leopanthera, onthinice, blurry101, lazybones, grey242, fishheads, namesinspace, Unicorn!, About Last Friday, Mr Philby etc) that have taken the time to create, edit, organize and upload these files.

All music has been edited out, but the A+J songs and jingles remain.