Bulletproof Screenwriting® Show with Joe

With thanks to Francesca on Facebook for spotting this podcast with Joe. It even comes with a video teaser. (Website page)

Have you ever  wondered what it is like screenwriting inside the Marvel and Studio machine? Wonder no further, today we have screenwriter and director Joe Cornish. Joe was one of the writer’s on Marvel’s Ant-Man. The English comedian and filmmaker burst onto the scene in 2011 with his very successful film directorial debut, Attack The Block, starring John Boyega, who played Moses, a low-level crook, teenage gang leader, an orphan looking for respect around the block. The British sci-fi comedy horror film centers on a teenage street gang who have to defend themselves and their block from predatory alien invaders on Guy Fawkes Night. 

Listen to “BPS 119: Screenwriting Inside the Studio System with Joe Cornish” on Spreaker.