25 Year Anniversary

The Guardian can be relied upon to mark the important moments in the lives of Adam and Joe. Is it really five years since some lucky souls were crammed into the BFI for the 20th celebrations?

It’s a weird experience, meeting two of your closest friends for the very first time – even if it is over Zoom. Perhaps that sentence only makes sense to you if you’ve spent countless happy hours in the company of Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish, who have built, through their cult Channel 4 programme The Adam and Joe Show and various radio shows and podcasts ever since, a devoted fanbase, who consider themselves personally acquainted with the pair. That must be a weird experience. “Every now and again I’ll get a sense of people saying: ‘I don’t think you should have said that to Joe’ or ‘Joe was a bit mean to you there’ and I find that a little bit odd,” muses Buxton. “On the other hand, I get it. They feel as if they know us – and I think they do. They have probably spent more time with me than members of my family or friends.”

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