Attack the Block Cast Reunion

Joe brought the team together in a reunion chat for Empire Magazine.  This issue is out on Thursday. You can read more here and Joe mentions it on his Insta.

The new edition of Empire Magazine (out Thursday) features an ATB reunion interview with @johnboyega, @officialfranzd, @alex_qp_esmail, @simonhoward_official, Leeon Jones and yours truly. We had a blast zooming a few weeks ago, John and Franz in the US, the rest of us in London. Once the interview was done and @empiremagazinehad left the zoom, there was a once-in-ten-years chance for the cast to catch up privately, so I quit the chat and left them to it. It was only when I ran into Leeon in the street a few days later, that he told me Empire had made me the host of the zoom, so when I logged out the whole thing shut down. F*******ck. #cornishcancelscastcatchup

Film4 are showing the film on Friday 21st May, preceded by the little interview special.

Joe will be choosing his First, Last and Everything on Sunday’s RadMac show (23rd May).