Adam kicks off How to Fail Podcast Series 9

Adam is Elizabeth Day’s first guest in the new series of How to Fail.  You can listen here.

Elizabeth says “Adam joins me to talk about misdirected perfectionism, dropping out of university, mid-life crises and what it means to be a parent after the death of your own. We talk about privilege, being sent to boarding school aged nine, whether he feels rivalry with his astonishingly successful friends (*coughs* Louis Theroux *coughs*) and about what makes a bad spoon. That’s not a euphemism, by the way, we do literally talk about bad spoons.

Adam is such a lovely man and it was an honour to have him on How To Fail, especially given that his podcast always charts higher than mine, the bastard. He is so funny – listen out for the anecdote involving wrapping scaffolding in multi-coloured ribbon – and he introduced me to the brilliant concept of having a mind like a sat nav, which is to say: if something doesn’t go according to plan, the challenge is to find another route to the destination.”