Ramble Book distributed to Adam’s Besties

As Adam’s book tour gets pushed into 2021, the hard copy promises to be worth buying at your earliest convenience. Try to order it from your local book store. If you are really desperate you can use this link to order from Amazon. Currently due to drop on 3rd September, 2020.

Waterstones are doing a signed copy of Ramble Book including an A6 postcard by Luke Drozd. 


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Adam was kind enough to send me an inscribed, pre-publication copy of ‘Ramblebook’ the other day. Here’s a photo of it with a ghost for scale. Swipe left to see the message he wrote for me inside. Although I’d already read the raw wordage and listened to the audiobook, the physical object itself is a pleasure all its own. Surprisingly big, heavy and bright pink, like an actual book that’s had a bit too much to drink and is grinning at you slightly insanely, it contains lots of drawings and fun bits of layout, plus a section of colour photos like a movie tie-in novelisation. Even if you’ve already listened to it, it’s well worth a purchase, otherwise what more do you have but a memory?

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