It’s Ramble Book Day!

After a seemingly interminable gestation period, Adam Buxton’s Ramble Book has breached the inter web canals into our ear-waves. This is horribly listening biased but in this weird time, we have to take what we can get.  If you know anyone hard of listening, please do your bit by typing it out for them as you listen.

At no extra cost to you, you could help by clicking here to buy it.

Read what Cornballs has to say about his contribution here.

In order to trumpet the physical publication with a flutter, the book will be released to perfectly coincide with Adam’s postponed book tour, in the autumn probably/possibly. More info about the tour here although if you have tickets already, check with your venue because many dates have optimistically been rescheduled.

You can pre-order the Kindle version here for release on 20th August 2020.