Joe Cornish’s Christmas Song

If you haven’t had a chance to catch up with Adam and Joe’s Christmas podcast, this is going to be an enormous surprise. Joe finally got it together with his ten year old promise to cover Neil Young’s Harvest Moon. You can play it. You can download it. You can send it in a message. Enjoy!




Anyone fancy a clean* download of ‘Do It On My F***ing Phone’, my Neil Young-alike track that featured on Adam’s Christmas Podcast? Just go to Soundcloud and search for ‘Joe Cornish’ then scroll down a bit and you should find my brand new page and the song for your downloading and/or listening pleasure/annoyance. I only just made the page and it’s the only song on there, but I do have shitloads of other silly song material I could potentially post. Hmmmmm….”

*”clean” means in the sonic sense. It is not clean in the sweary sense.

The full podcast is here.