RHLSTP with Adam Buxton

Richard Herring’s phenomenally successful live podcast shows are the gifts that keep on giving.  Adam returned to a packed house last month.

You’ve probably sensed it for some time but now you can hear it and if you’ve got eyes, you can watch it too. You can’t smell it. The aroma version is only available at the one-off recording event. It will never be available to touch.

You can read more about Richard’s work here and if you feel he needs more of a reward than a tweet for his efforts (more importantly the wherewithal to keep making the effort) please consider one of his contributory options, like this.  If you don’t, it’ll be like he’s just giving it to you for free, which is not good for your personal karma.

Specific waffle about Adam’s appearance is here .

Adam Buxton – Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast #138 from Chris Evans on Vimeo.

If you must, the YouTube link is here.