Joe Cornish is Casting Kids

It’s nearly eight years since we first began to hear about Attack the Block going into production.  Joe’s name has been mooted and attached to several projects during the intervening years but The Kid who would be King, seems to have more substance than anything else.

The latest news broke via a casting director’s tweet. Jessica Ronane’s known for her theatrical child casting and appears to have an office at the Old Vic, which just happens to be where Attack the Block’s John Boyega is about to give us his Woyzeck

Big Talk, Working Title and Fox are in the mix and the screenplay is one of Joe’s own. You can read more at Empire, here.

It has been loitering around the IMDb for a while which is, as we write, still showing a US release date in September, which is optimistic. I think we can more realistically expect something early next year.