Adam Buxton 2013 Gig List (Updated)

BUG 35 had three shows in January and the rest of his spring diary is filling up.


15th February 2013 DJing for the Disco Shed, at the Book Club, London – £ 5.

16th February 2013 at The Union Chapel, London – with other top comedians (Sold out?).

21st February 2013 BUG at the Leicester Comedy Festival at Phoenix Square (two shows).

5th March 2013 BUG at the Broadway Cinema Nottingham (two shows).

7th March 2013 BUG 12 (Norwich) at The Norwich Playhouse.

19th March 2013 Best of BUG Special at the Odeon Leicester Square, London with Edgar Wright as guest.

27th March 2013 BUG 36 at The BFI, London. Tix available earlier in March.

28th March 2013 BUG 36 Director’s Cut at The BFI, London (two shows). Tix in March.

8th April 2013 BUG Special at the Crescent Theatre in Birmingham.

9th April 2013 BUG Special back by popular demand at Phoenix Square, Leicester (two shows).

12th April 2013 BUG WARP Records Special at the BFI Southbank. Tix on sale to members in March.

18th April 2013 BUG Special at the Bradford International Film Festival (All sold out now)

3rd May 2013 Adam Buxton with Simon Munnery and Adam Riches (+ more TBC) at the Bush Hall, London W12.

8th May 2013 BUG Special, Belfast at Odyssey for the CQAF

18th May 2013 BUG: A Ninja Tunes Special for the Bonobo curated Ninja Tunes Festival at The Roundhouse in Camden. Tix going fast.

20th May 2013 BUG: A Fatboy Slim Special at the Brighton Festival. Tix avail to members now & general in March.

23rd May 2013 BUG 37 at The BFI, London. Tix on sale in April & may be available on the door.There are two shows tonight

30th May 2013 BUG 37 Director’s Cut at The BFI, London. There are two shows tonight. Tix may be available on the door.There are two shows tonight

21st June 2013 Here 2013 – at London’s Royal Geographical Society. Early Bird tix £85.

24th September 2013 BUG Special at The Ritz Cinema in Lincoln.