Extras needed for new Adam Buxton project in London this Monday (13th Dec)

Adam updated his blog yesterday with a request for extras to appear in his new project Outside The Box

I’ve cut n pasted the original blogpost below:



I’m doing some filming with my character Ken Korda this coming Monday 13th December, 2010 in Sound nightclub in Leicester Square, London. It’s a project called Outside The Box that I’m putting together with I.T. Crowd writer Graham Linehan with pop promo and advertising genius Dougal Wilson directing. Basically we need some people to populate the nightclub and pop up in a few bits with Ken.

So what’s in it for you? Well not an awful lot as we won’t be able to pay you and there’ll be a lot of hanging about but I’ll do my best to entertain you when I can and of course there’s the inestimable thrill of being involved in the early stages of a project that may well turn out to be the most amazing TV show of all time, possibly.

Here’s the deal if you’re up for it:

1. You should be 18 or over and not pissed, insane or abusive. If you fail to meet those criteria, I’m afraid we won’t be able to use you. I know that’s going to rule a lot of you out but I have to be upfront.

2. You’d need to be at Sound at 10am on Monday morning and expect to be there until the afternoon or as long as you could stay. Just say you’re there for Outside The Box!

3. Ideally we’d need you to be dressed like hipsters! In other words as close to this kind of thing as possible or any over the top variant thereof. Bring phones, i-pads, chunky headphones if you have them. If you’re up for dancing, great, if you’re not you can just stand about looking cool. We’d be asking some of you to appear in shots with Ken and the other cast.

4. There’ll be water and toilet facilities available (exciting!) but you should bring any other drinks or snacks yourself .

That’s it. I look forward to meeting you on Monday!

Many thanks. Adam.

If you decide to head down on Monday please let us know how it all goes in the forum :)