Watch the first episode of Adam Buxton’s new BBC2 sitcom ‘The Persuasionists’ via iPlayer

Adam Buxton is currently starring in The Persuasionists, a BBC2 sitcom set in the world of advertising. The first episode ‘Cockney Cheese’ aired at 10pm on Wednesday 13th January 2010, but if you missed it you can watch it via the BBC iPlayer

Watch Adam Buxton in The Persuasionists on BBC iPlayer

If you cast your mind back seven months to the last time I updated this fansite (sorry about that btw!), you might recall my blog post offering free audience tickets for this sitcom. The show was previously known as ‘The Scum Also Rises’ and was filmed at London Teddington Studios over a six week period in June and July. Here’s some more info on the show lifted from the BBC minisite for The Persuasionists:


Episode Synopsis:
Sitcom. Marketing an unusual dairy product is the challenge for HHH&H’s best creative minds, but the client is terrifying and Greg is too scared to even stay in a meeting with him. Can Emma help or will creative Billy have to break a golden rule of advertising and actually meet the client?

Jarred Christmas (Clive)
Simon Farnaby (Keaton)
Daisy Haggard (Emma)
Iain Lee (Billy)
Lee Ross (Cockney Jim)
Gemma Whelan (Josephine)
Roxanne McKee (Christine)
Natalie Gumede (Susie)
Shola Adewusi (Cleaning Lady)
Adam Buxton (Greg)
Tristram Shapeero (Director)
Jon Rolph (Producer)
Jonathan Thake (Scriptwriter)

The Persuasionists: Cockney Cheese - Greg (played by Adam Buxton) and Cockney Jim

» Click here to watch The Persuasionists episode 1 – Cockney Cheese on the BBC iPlayer

You can read more about the episode on the BBC Comedy Blog

The second episode The Handsomeness airs on BBC2 at 10pm, Wed 20th Jan.

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Update: here’s a clip from the BBC’s YouTube channel: