Listen again and podcast links – Sat 18th April 2009

Adam and Joe BBC 6Music podcastThe new podcast is up early this week and can be grabbed from iTunes right now. Usually the podcast has been going up on Wednesday’s but true to their word, A+J and producer James have made the magic happen on Monday :)

Here’s the show description:

AdamAndJoe: Autotainment 18 April 09
Find out what Easter had in store for the boys – walking with dinosaurs, making three year olds cry and peaking into the world of Jools Holland. You can share the pain of our brothers on the BBC News Channel and in Text the Nation, listeners recount the personal games they play to make life’s more mundane tasks more bearable. And just for you podcasters, visit at 9am on Wednesday 22nd April to find out how you could join in our Camden Crawl show on Saturday 24th April 2009.

Listen again on BBC iPlayer BBC 6 Music (Sat 18th April 2009) – 3:00:00
Download podcast from iTunes GB BBC 6 Music (Sat 18th April 2009) – 1h10m23 / 64.6mb

The BBC listen again is available until 12:02pm on Saturday 25th April 2009

More download links can be found on the A+J Livejournal, and our new Adam and Joe 6Music downloads page

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