Listen again and podcast links – Sat 11th April 2009

With Saturday’s show being a pre-record, the podcast this week is only 38 minutes. You can grab it now from iTunes

Here’s the show description:

AdamAndJoe: Delicious Waffle 11 April 09
This week’s podcast was made from Adam & Joe’s Easter pre recorded show so their [sic] is no Text The Nation. But fear not as it’s stuffed full with lots of delicious waffle. Adam confronts some yoots in the street. Joe gives you some script writing tips,…

Listen again on BBC iPlayer BBC 6 Music (Sat 11th April 2009) – 3:00:00
Download podcast from iTunes GB BBC 6 Music (Sat 11th April 2009) – 0:38:47 / 35.6Mb

The BBC listen again is available until 12:02pm Saturday 18th April 2009

More download links can be found on the A+J Livejournal, and our new Adam and Joe 6Music downloads page

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