Listen Again to Adam Buxton’s new quiz show I’m Spartacus

Adam Buxton’s new quiz show – I’m Spartacus – aired tonight on BBC Radio 2 — if you missed it, benjula2008 has uploaded the audio to YouTube:

I’m Spartacus – Part 1/3: (YouTube)

I’m Spartacus – Part 2/3: (YouTube)

I’m Spartacus – Part 3/3: (YouTube)

I’ll have links to the BBC Listen Again shortly…

[edit]: the show is now live on the BBC iPlayer:
Listen Again to BBC Radio 2 show – I’m Spartacus

I’m Spartacus

An irreverent and fun panel game, based on the world of film and a panel of comedians all fighting for the right to call themselves Spartacus. Presented by Adam Buxton.

Broadcast on: BBC Radio 2, 10:30pm Thursday 9th April 2009
Duration: 30 minutes
Available until: 11:02pm Thursday 16th April 2009
Category: Entertainment

I imagine it would be of more benefit to Adam if you listened to the show via the iPlayer, as the BBC big-wigs will undoubtably look at the listener numbers. If you’re outside the UK, then YouTube is probably your only option (?).

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