Adam and Joe visit fansite :)

I’m very pleased to report that Joe mentioned this fansite on his MySpace blog on Tuesday:


It’s a new unofficial A&J fan site that someone’s set up! And they update it all the time! And you can leave comments! And it’s got links and a forum and it’s laid out really nicely! In fact, if you’re a bit frustrated about how pathetically infrequent my so-called blogging is on this site, why not head for the checkout (that’s a new way of saying ‘check it out’ that I’ve just invented). I can’t find the names of the people who set this site up, but whoever you are, I humbly salute you.

Joe's MySpace blog comment on

Also, Adam stopped by yesterday and left a nice comment too :)

Holy crap! Just stumbled on this site. Amazing stuff. Makes my blog look like an absolute disgrace. We should join forces. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into this, it’s absolutely wickle wockles!


Thanks guys :) The site is still in the very early stages — I’m hoping to build sections on the various TV/radio shows, in addition to the current blog and forum…. I’m still waiting for my order of the Adam and Joe DVD from to come through so I can do a proper review with screengrabs for the site. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the site and what should be on here, then please leave a comment or a post on the message board