Listen again and podcast links – Sat 28th March 2009

The new podcast is now up on iTunes (although they seemed to have labelled it ‘AdamAndJoe: Nectar Party 28 Feb 09‘)

The iTunes show description meta seems to be truncuated too (I guess it must be limited to 256 characters):

Welcome to the longest and juiciest podcast ever with Adam and Fernando. Text The Nation looks at the efforts you take to change your social status. Adam sees the Queen, Admiral Cornballs lifts the lid on shell fish torture and the chaps plan a nectar p

On this week’s Adam and Joe show:

  • Text the Nation was "things you did to appear cool as a kid"
  • Adam spots the Queen’s motorcade whilst out on his bike, and Joe gets Fergie Fever
  • Joe deconstructs The Apprentice, and Adam’s answerphone message to a former contestant is ignored
  • Joe is particularly pleased that a listener thinks he looks like Fernando Torres. Joe himself thinks he looks like Salacious B Crumb, whilst Adam christens Joe "rip nips"
  • Adam talks about his mammoth Nectar Points collection and suggests having a Point Party at the Sainsburys Nine Elms store for listeners – paid for by his massive collection :)
  • A+J also reveal they’ll be doing their show in a few weeks from the Camden Crawl

View the tracklisting from the 28/03/09 show

The BBC listen again is available until 1:02pm Saturday 4th April 2009

Listen again on BBC iPlayer BBC 6 Music (Sat 28th March 2009) – 3:00:00
Download podcast from iTunes GB BBC 6 Music (Sat 28th March 2009) – 1:09:59 / 64.2Mb

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