Adam and Joe are the number one show on BBC 6Music!

Last month there was a revealing article written by John Plunkett on that stated The Adam And Joe Show was the most listened to radio show on BBC 6Music!

Adam and Joe outperforming George Lamb on BBC 6Music

The good news for George Lamb is that he is BBC 6Music’s most popular weekday DJ. The less welcome news is that his morning show peaks with just 40,000 listeners, according to statistics on digital radio listening seen by

Lamb, one of former BBC Radio 2 and 6Music controller Lesley Douglas’s most controversial signings, might be top of the weekday pops but he does not have the station’s number one show.

That accolade goes to Saturday morning pairing Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish, who attract a maximum of 69,000 listeners between 11am and 11.30am.

If you’re a stats junkie the article is full of interesting figures:-

I’m sure the actual A+J listener total is a lot higher, with many choosing to use the BBC’s Listen Again feature on the iPlayer, subscribing to the weekly podcast via iTunes or downloading the show as an mp3 captured by fans and posted to forums like Pilkipedia

I’d love to see Adam and Joe have a shot at the breakfast show on BBC Radio 1. What are your thoughts, feel free to leave your comment :)