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Shaun Keaveny 6Music Show 1 (Mon 20 Aug 2007)

PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2014 3:42pm
by hobbsy
Date: Mon 20th Aug 2007
Duration: 1:08:01

File size: 31.1MB page: ... nyTakeover embed:

Re: Shaun Keaveny 6Music Show 1 (Mon 20 Aug 2007)

PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2014 3:43pm
by hobbsy

Re: Shaun Keaveny 6Music Show 1 (Mon 20 Aug 2007)

PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2014 4:08pm
by hobbsy
I'm wondering if there's any interest in a 'listen again' section on the forum, whereby we could create a post for each show and embed the Archive audio on the first post. People could then discuss the show, and maybe help to catalogue/transcribe what happens in each episode. I just listened to the first 2 Keaveny shows to test out the embeds on the long list.

Maybe transcribing would be a bit OTT/mental, but maybe a few shows notes for each episode would help us track down "what show was that in" type of questions

Re: Shaun Keaveny 6Music Show 1 (Mon 20 Aug 2007)

PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2014 4:15pm
by hobbsy
MrDebonair wrote:

Well I'm not sure how much detail people would want, but since I'm listening to them round the clock at the moment (should I even admit to this?) I'm certainly willing to at least discuss this idea as I may currently be in a position to add to a thread like this. Maybe not every day as that might be a bit mentile, but certainly occasionally as required - let me know if you kick this off. As a minimum it could be:

    Summary of talking points in order
    Birth of features
    Summary of features
    Bits where Buckles explodes with rage (a personal fave)

All with timecodes so people could jump to the bits they are after. I say this because for example I'd love a timecode for the XFM podcast where they improvise the song 'message room' and it all goes a bit wrongaloid :D

Re: Shaun Keaveny 6Music Show 1 (Mon 20 Aug 2007)

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 9:50am
by namesinspace
I enjoy the XFM shows, especially the podcasts and their extra nuggets but these embryonic 6Music shows are a source of sustaining joy to me. Around this time of year, I still chuckle to myself at the sound of Joe's almost incredulous voice saying "we've got to work on a Bank Holiday? How awful." A rude awakening to weekday broadcasting if ever there was one. I often wonder if they did that stint as a pre-cursor to taking on a weekday slot elsewhere in the schedule but recoiled then realised what an awful lot of hard work it was. In truth, I suspect Joe was already too embroiled in writing matters to give that much time to such project. It makes me giggle that their entire daily routine must have been completely turned on it's head but bless 'em, they put a lot of work into these shows.

They heralded the birth of so many beloved tropes and long discarded jingle jongles. I rarely sit at my computer to listen so grabbing a time-code might be a challenge but I'll have a little go at summing some shows up when I have a moment.

Re: Shaun Keaveny 6Music Show 1 (Mon 20 Aug 2007)

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 10:08am
by namesinspace
This show starts with apologies for the lack of Shaun Keaveny, as it should do.

Adam is Londoncentric but Joe sticks up for the potential of good weather in other parts of the country and mentions that he was at Green Man and the weekend.

at 2:40 we have the About A Boy swan silliness, which leads to a wonky natural history lesson from Joe.

at 4:00 they invent BIG BRITISH CASTLE, followed by all the words you can’t say on the BBC. They are:
Frenchboy (French boy is OK but only as two separate words)
Thick Otter

at 6:42 we get our first introduction to Joe announcing the wrong track and afterward he gives us a bit of Beck related Hollywood gossip.

at around 9:30 Adam introduces his low-level swear dipping-out on a Pavement track.

11:30 ish - we hear that Joe didn’t kill Steven Malkmus with his car at Green Man and the first introduction to being bemused by the contrary BBC email addresses.

13:50 Joe refers to the awfulness of working on a Bank Holiday.

14:15 we learn about Joe’s morning routine and the importance of time orientation regarding the cleaning of his bits and bobs. We also hear the cod Cornish accent sneak in.

21:00 Cornballs rolls out his late summer theory for old times’ sake and Buxty introduces the concept of two newsreaders - one for the good news and one for the bad.

22:40 A phone-in for Cereal Thriller and our silly men have the concept explained to them.

27:00 gives Adam his first chance to broadcast his love of Spoon and his first trip to The Borderline.

31:00 Joe speaks of his love for texts.

35:00 Joe explains an ad to Ad. (Vinny Jones)

38:00 Joe amusingly infers that Basement Jaxx only care about money.

38:30 Joe gets a Crap Commentary Corner out of his locker but sadly, doesn’t use his Dreamworks based jingle intro.

47:00 Adam reads reviews of fabric conditioner (Waft) and has to explain to Joe what ‘a paddy’ is.

54:00 Joe pulls Harry Potter apart. Adam takes the piss out of Joe.

57:00 Adam expresses his concern about loud music in cabs. Joe tells him how to handle it, which is apparently by fighting the driver in the street. The go a bit French at this point too.

59:00 Is a ‘lady's bridge’ too rude to say on 6Music? Joe mixes the track name with the album name.

1:03:00 Joe drops a Tarantino name bomb as they discuss Grindhouse.

1:05:00 Adam explains Death Proof.

I need to get a life now ;)

Re: Shaun Keaveny 6Music Show 1 (Mon 20 Aug 2007)

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 11:13am
by hobbsy
Around a year ago I thought about transcribing all the old shows. I started with this show and quickly decided it would take an insane amount of time to do so I gave up.

I just found the text file with the first SIX minutes of this show done.
I can't remember how long it took me but long enough to make me give up lol

Code: Select all
BBC 6Music Sean Keaveny Show
20th August 2007

J: Aw dear

A: Yey, that was The Who with "Won't Get Fooled Again". Hi my name's Adam

J: Hey my name's Joe

A: Very nice to be with you listeners, we're filling in for Sean Keaveney for a couple of weeks, so, sorry if it's a bit of a shock, if you're expecting Sean

J: The Keavs

A: The Keavnor, to be talking to you this morning, but we're going to try and make it as easy as possible for you, we've got some great music to play you and *laughs* some fun things to chat about. It's a horrible horrible morning, I'm sorry to tell you that, but you shouldn't go out. If there's any way you can avoid leaving the house today I would try to take..

J: Hey, it might be gorgeous in other parts of the country...

A: No

J: ...In fact I was in Wales yesterday

A: Really?

J: and it was raining for the Green Man festival

A: yeah

J: it was pouring. but apparently it's pretty sunny today. Am I right?

A: In Wales?

J: yeah

A: That's no good to me

J: Well, you know, it's good for people in Wales

A: yeeeah... but I mean London really kind of sets... we're in London, you know listeners, and mainly that's what you have to worry about... it's no good to us if you're happy in Wales. In London, don't go out, that's what I'm saying


J: Quite right... we've got great music coming up though for the next er two and a bit hours, we've got some Suzi Sue coming up, some Dinosaur Jr., a bit of Beck, and then you've got an archive session track coming up, right Ad?

A: Yeah, bit of Pavement I think? And what's er.. cos we plundered the Peel sessions, and so we've got Pavement today from that and er, what have you got Joe?

J: I've got a bit of Aztec Camera coming up later

A: Nice, nice little bit. Which bit of Aztec Camera have you got?

J: It's a little bit, it's er...

A: Is it Roddy's shoes?

J: You know, I'm going to make it a surprise

A: ooh

J: for later in the show

A: Roddy [unclear]

J: but here is, what about a bit of Swixxy Swix, that's how you say her name it isn't it?

A: Siouxsie Sioux, this is her new album, this is her *first* solo album after a 150 years in showbizness

J: Has it been that long?

A: It's been that long and er, finally after years of successful punk fun, with the Banshees, she's busting out on her own, and this is a track called "Into A Swan"


J: There we go that's "Into A Swan"... what does she mean by that... "Into A Swan"?

A: She just... she's er, in love with one

J: She's just into it

A: Yeah

J: Yeah... a particular swan

A: It's not a physical thing

J: Is it er, has she bought it? or does she just loiter in the local park

A: No she's spotted one in a park

J: Really? What does she like about it?

A: theeee neck... the curve of the neck

J: the curve of the neck?

A: yeah

J: they've all got curvey necks?!

A: no but, this one's different

J: really? It's got a kinky neck? a kink in its neck?

A: broke its neck at one point, it was in a, it was in a scene.. er.. with Hugh Grant in About A Boy...

J: really?

A: ..and Hugh Grant threw a prop at the swan and it..

J: is that true?

A: no

J: Is there a swan in About A Boy?

A: yeah, don't you remember, there's a bit where he chucks the load of bread in...

J: there you go

A: the pond and he kills one of the swans, and it's amusing cos it's like *hupgh* what's he gonna do wrong this time?! and he kills a swan with bread, which I don't thinks possible, but he gets a big stale..

J: hang on, hold your horses, "it's not possible to kill a swan with bread"


A: technic... well...

J: bread expands in the gut. yeah. isn't there a, isn't there an animal in the garden that you're not supposed to feed bread to?

A: *laughs* no... what you talking about?!

J: there is, there is, there is, cos it goes pasty and inside its gullet it expands

A: no. what, worms? which animal in the garden?!

J: er...

A: what are you talking about?!

J: birds?

A: birds?!

J: yeah.. I don't know.. I don't know. I don't know

A: they live on bread. So Joe was saying to me while that record was playing he's a little bit nervous, er, folks being on the BBC cos you know we're used to independent radio life

J: we're used to er, a rocky London station

A: yeah

J: yeah, we haven't really been national... I did some stuff on Radio 4 actually

A: do your Radio 4 voice

J: oh.. my Radio 4 voice is a bit like this... does that sound any different?

A: it's very calming...

J: it's soothing isn't it? but you know, to be broadcasting to the whole of Britain it's different for us

A: It is... an there's a lot of rules... there's a lot of things.. you know cos the, I don't know if you knew this but the BBC stands for ... British.. Big... er .. Castle


J: really?

A: yes... or maybe Big British Castle

J: Big British Castle

A: yeah, and it's er, it's the last bastion of decency in a World gone insane, I don't know if you knew that?

J: I've heard that it's a castle built of red tape

A: *laughs*.. yeah, there's a certain amount of red tape holding the castle together, but it's er, fortified with decency and there's a lot of things you can and can't do and we've just been taught erm, a little bit about these things before we came on air, there's a list of words we've been handed, that you can on no account say

J: right...

A: I'm only going to say these once and never again

J: right...

A: Here's the words, and make a note of them, not only you Joe,

J: ...are you sure it's wise to say them?

A: well, we've got to get them out of the way

J: what are we... this is the first show in supposedly a fortnight of shows and you're going to say the banned words in the first 15 minutes?

A: to get them out of the way

J: alright... no, that's good thinking

A: yeah

J: that's actually clever

A: it's not even 7:15, most people aren't awake

J: no one's listening

A: no one's listening. Here's the first word... "french boy"


J: you can't... is that one word?

A: It is...

J: really?

A: If it's one word

J: If it's two words it's okay?

A: It's okay if it's one word

J: but together?

A: no

J: why?

A: I'm not going to explain a lot of these

J: It's slightly erotic isn't it?

A: well, there's that

J: *laughs*

A: here's another one...

J: yup

A: "slovenly"

J: ooooh. That's a filthy sounding word

A: exactly. It's just bad, it's just not a good word

J: yeah.. yeah

A: okay

J: won't be saying that again

A: here's a few words now... I'm going to say them together

J: right

A: "wiggle", "cripple", "ripple" and "nipple"

J: can't say any of those words?

A: no, none of them

J: separately or together?

A: any way, in any combination

J: how are we going to get through two weeks without saying "nipple"?

A: weelll, look... I told...

J: can we say "teet"?

A: NO YOU CAN'T, I said...

J: what about "pacifier"?

A: ..oh for goodness.. move on. Next word you can't say "thick otter"

J: thick... thickotter

A: It's reall...

J: thickotter

A: thickott... thickott...

J: thick otter

A: yeah... it's bad.. bad for the...


J: well they're very active on the.. on the complaints. the thick otters

A: exactly... er... "berries"

J: berries? berries?!

A: don't say it... don't say it

J: what's wrong with berries?

A: well..

J: does it connect to nipples? they're similar

A: *sighs* don't say it. I'm saying these words so you don't dwell on them alright? don't dwell on them

J: *under his breath* "berries"

A: final word before we have a bit of music... "pianist"... mmmalright?

J: that is rude

A: on no account... even if it's relevant and you're chatting about someone playing the piano, just don't

J: sorry listeners, er, this is Dinosaur Jr. with "Crumble"

A: I thought it was "Dead Weight" by Beck

J: this is er "Dead Weight" by Beckj

A: nice one...


Re: Shaun Keaveny 6Music Show 1 (Mon 20 Aug 2007)

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 11:39am
by namesinspace
You're insane. You're certifiably bonkers! :lol:

I am SO glad you stopped doing that xxxx

Re: Shaun Keaveny 6Music Show 1 (Mon 20 Aug 2007)

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 11:47am
by hobbsy
I think a few bullet points and summary would be more achievable for each show
or taking a few notes (with timestamps) as you're listening back - like what you've done above

maybe if there's something particularly good to listen back to we could add to a highlights reel/best of thread

I just noticed that the search function on this forum is really crap.
I don't know if it has always been like that as I rarely use it.