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Re: Film

Postby fugsags » Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:40pm

marktobias wrote:I highly recommend all Guy Ritchie films.

Sorry for the zombie quote, but this made me laugh.
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Re: Film

Postby Tackyfairy » Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:23pm

*realises that the INTHELOOP post wasnt spam*

Well, i want to see Wreck it Ralph but despite budgeting like buggery, ive managed to overspend this month already, so will need to wait until March to see it - hopefully it will still be in the flicks by then! I always seem to miss a film being released.

On saying that, recently i discovered Choke - it's described as this dark-humoured film on the back, so i was expecting something really sinister and dark-toned like Fight Club, but there is so much heart in it. And the way it's made is more like a tv-show than a big production film, which i kinda like, it's a comfortable format. Plus i can sadly relate too much to the film- NOT the choking side mind you...ive never had to get the tummy-thrust and then shat myself! (i've read that it's not to be called the Heimlich manoevre anymore because the family dont want the name association).
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