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Anyone have a complete mp3 of XFM show 20-11-2004?

PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 11:33am
by wudja
Hi folks i need to tap into the collective psyche for a pointless mission.
My hard drive crashed so had to re-download all the A&J shows again. I have listened over and over for a single bit in an early XFM show, fruitlessly, in vain.
Adam starts a conversation about the 2002 show 'wudja cudja', and it devolves to a tangent of ridiculous made up language lending to Joe coming out with "wudj did you cudj her, your honour"...
I reckon it is the complete version of the 20th November 2004 show because i had deja-vu whilst holding a painbrush painting a magnolia wall and, sorry bit of a tangent, anyway, i remember listening to the full episode and Joe was going on about the cringeworthy Live 8 or Band Aid or whatever footage.
If anyone has the complete version of that show i would be so grateful to receive a download link for it. Please don't ask me to quantify 'so'.
Greetings to the squadron!