You’re Doing It Wrong (Updated!)

Adam Buxton has made a series for BBC Radio4. Episode 1 airs at 9:30am on Wednesday, 28th Feb 2018.

“Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life!”. Or so we’re told. Usually by some kind of nauseating lifestyle blog or motivational poster.

These days it’s not enough just to turn up, work hard and bring home a wage; we should all be following our passions, chasing that dream job, and waking up every morning raring to get to the office. If your job is tedious, you hate your boss, and Monday mornings make you want to cry, it’s probably YOUR FAULT for not being ambitious enough.

Adam Buxton takes a sideways look at some of our confusing modern ideas about work. Is the idea of a ‘dream job’, one that inspires and fulfils us and makes our lives worth living, really possible? Or idealistic nonsense designed to make you feel guiltier, work harder, and complain less? Can we really be happy at work? Should we be?

The R4 page is here and The Guardian mention it here.

It is released as a podcast and has a few extra minutes. Download here or in the usual places.